What IoT device manufacturers should learn from the "IoT worm"

The research paper “IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction” by Ronen, O’Flynn, Shamir, and Weingarten garnered moderate media attention (here, here, here, etc) in early November, 2016. As I have worked extensively in ZigBee offensive and defensive security, but never specifically on the ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) profile, I was interested to dig-in and see what the main techniques and issues were, and what lessons other device manufacturers should take away from this disclosure.
    November 25, 2016

    Other Experience

    Internships I graduated from Dartmouth College in the class of 2011. I majored in Computer Science with a focus in security research. I have interned at Memento, Inc, contributing to aspects of their enterprise fraud detection application. I also interned at Kurzweil Technologies, working on the Kurzweil-National Federation for the Blind knfbReader project, developing special OCR applications for mobile devices. Prior to that, I co-founded and co-developed DebateNet with Mark Bao.
      January 9, 2009

      Simple JavaScript Toggled Divs (old!)

      I have ported over this from my old website, only as a reminder of what the internet looked like in 2008… I have chosen to go with a very simple code snippit to begin what I hope will be a useful repository of original code snippits. Unless I note otherwise, you are welcome to use any code in my “Code Snippits” post category. I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know you where using the code.
        July 15, 2008